Bel Canto Singers

"My Beloved" – by Giacomo Puccini

An unexpected way to enjoy Puccini’s music

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Premiere: 6/11/2020 (Fri) 8 pm

Online Platform: RhapsoArts Facebook / Bel Canto Singers Facebook

Performed in Cantonese with English & Chinese surtitles

Puccini, a famous painter, has locked himself in his studio for quite some time, working fervently on a portrait he has named "My Beloved", claiming it to be his masterpiece.  The suspense is too much to bear for those close to him, and on the eve before Puccini is to reveal his painting to the world, everyone is eager to find out about the identity of the subject...

David Quah (Music Director / Story)

Fiona Siu (Story)

Can Siu-tung (Script-writer)

Harriet Chung (Director)

Apollo Wong (Conductor)

Puccini: Henry Ngan (Tenor)

Tosca: Colette Lam (Soprano)

Mimi: Yuki Ip (Soprano)

Liu: Candice Chung (Soprano)

Luigi: Joseph Wu (Tenor)

Travis Ying (Set Designer)

Jade Leung (Costume Designer)

Maggie Law (Lighting Designer)

Bel Canto Singers Ensemble

Timmy Tsang (Piano)

Angus Lee (Flute)

Nova Ensemble String Quartet

Presented by: Bel Canto Singers

Supported by: Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Sustaining Patron: RH Group, Tiong Kiu King Holdings Ltd.

Organized by: RhapsoArts Management