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Spring School Tour 2015

JohnChen Ensemble's Spring 2015 School Tour, funded by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, will take place this April in several primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. In the 45-minute mini school concert, JohnChen Ensemble will focus on performing and promoting original world music with a unique Hong Kong style, with emphasis on improvisation, stressing the importance of creativity. Through the group's music, we hope that students will have an opportunity to be involved in the joy of music-making and to appreciate a somewhat different type of music.


Members of JohnChen Ensemble include Dr. John Chen (Music Director & guitar), Herbert Cheung (erhu/violin), Les Fong (drum-set/percussion) & Victor Wong (double bass). They are all from very different musical backgrounds, using musical ideas and instruments from the west and the east. The ensemble's repertoire mainly features compositions by members in the group. Through the ensemble's performances, we hope to erase the lines between different musical cultures, and between composing and performing.


For enquiries, please contact RhapsoArts Management at telephone: (852) 2722-1650, fax: (852) 2724-1960 or e-mail:

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