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Arts Go Digital Platform
Bel Canto Singers –
"Winterreise on Ice"
Virtual Exhibition Call for Paintings

Schubert (1797-1828)'s "Winterreise", hailed as one of the jewels in the genre of lieder, is set to the 24 poems by German poet Wilhelm Müller (1794-1827).  The loner who is trying to find meaning in life on a psychological journey in "Winterreise" forms an uncanny parallel imagery between those isolated by social distancing while coping with uncertainties amidst the epidemic at present.  In Bel Canto Singers' "Winterreise on Ice" as part of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council's Arts Go Digital Platform Scheme, seven songs are selected to form a mini cycle for a series of seven music videos.  Combined with music performance, figure skating and projection mapping, we hope to create an exquisite and new "Winterreise" experience for the audience.

"Winterreise" is a perfect example of how one art form (poetry) crosses media with another (music), taking inspiration from one artistic perspective and exemplifying it to form another amalgamated whole, elevating it to a different level of aesthetic appreciation.  Our "Winterreise on Ice", a blending of music performance, figure skating and projection mapping on ice, is our own cross/multi-media response to Schubert's music.  


We are now inviting secondary school students (aged 11-18) in a Public Call for Paintings for a Virtual Exhibition to submit original paintings inspired by the seven songs in this mini cycle, to add their aesthetic touch to the music and come up with their own visual response to Schubert's immortal songs.  Selected students will be awarded a digital certificate for their participation.

Application Deadline: 16 May, 2021 (Sun)


Tel: 2722-1650; email:

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