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Atmospheric Music Theatre by Law Wing-fai - 

Sands and Beyond

9/7/2017 (Sun) 8 pm

Concert Hall, Hong Kong City Hall


Artistic Director/Composer: Law Wing-fai

Lighting Designer: Leo Cheung

Video Designer: Shing Pok-man

Sound Engineer: Chan Pui-ching


Music Director/Pipa: Wong Chi-ching

Xiao: Zhang Fan

Soprano: Margaret Yim

Harp: Raoul Moretti/ Ann Huang/ Amy Tam/ Liya Huang

Ruan & Pipa: Lam Tsan-tong

Guzheng: Michelle Wan

Dancer: Ye Ran

Flute: Carmen Ma

Guzheng, Ruan & Pipa Ensemble: Wuji Ensemble

"Sands and Beyond" is inspired by the immortal lines on the Dunhuang murals which vividly depict the apsaras dancing in their full splendor. These flying deities exemplify a sense of Oriental aesthetic beauty that seems to traverse the desolate desert into the vastness of the universe, and provides a perfect palette for the composer to paint his music.

Besides the commonly known pipa, the konghou is also among the array of musical instruments frequently seen on the murals. Known as the Chinese harp, the konghou can be traced back to the harps in ancient Babylon, Egypt and Greece. Our concert, as part of the 13th World Harp Congress in Hong Kong, will highlight the harp and begin with a solo piece by renowned Italian harpist Raoul Moretti. Interspersed with dances and complemented by lighting and video images, the stylized pieces, in various combinations of Chinese and Western musical instruments, will be performed in a reserved and unaffected style with the musicians in a state of quiescence. The concert will end with the vigorous pipa ensemble piece “Heavenly Dance”, depicting music from Heaven.

Tickets available from 9 April onwards at URBTIX outlets, on Internet, by mobile ticketing app MY URBTIX and credit card telephone booking. 50% discount for students, senior citizens and the disabled.

10% discount for single purchase of standard tickets for "Sands and Beyond" plus ONE additional Salon Concert (25/5-17/6, 8 pm at Hong Kong City Hall Recital Hall; 20% discount for single purchase of "Sands and Beyond" plus 4 Salon Concerts.

Programme Enquiries: 2722-1650

Ticketing Enquiries: 3761-6661

Credit Card Telephone Booking: 2111-5999

Internet Booking:


Programme around 90 minutes with no intermission.

Presented by: Wuji Ensemble

Supported by: World Harp Congress 2017, Hong Kong Harp Society

Acknowledgement: Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Sponsored by: Dunhuang Culture Promotion Foundation

Organized by: RhapsoArts Management

Wuji Ensemble is financially supported by the Springboard Grant under the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


Prologue: Improvisation



Flying Up (Clarence Mak)

      Ruan Ensemble

In Oneness (Law Wing-fai) *

      Guzheng Solo

Where the Water Ends (Law Wing-fai) *


The Dancer (Improvisation)


Three Variations on Yangguan Pass (Ancient Melody/ Arr. Raoul Moretti)

      Harp Duo

The Awakening on Mount Mingsha (Yau May-kay) *#


Song of a Long Way Away (Law Wing-fai) *


Sands and Beyond (Law Wing-fai) *

    Pipa Solo

Heavenly Dance (Law Wing-fai)

      Pipa Ensemble/Harp Duo/Dance

* World Premiere

# Commissioned by Wuji Ensemble in 2017 with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund

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